Au Pure is a leading Integrator of Air Quality Solutions.

At Au Pure, we employ complimenting technologies and solutions from the world’s leading technology providers including especially suited assemblies / modular solutions to suit specific project needs.

At Au Pure, our Solutions are leading-edge and even radical, yet our goal is simple:

To continue to provide technologically advanced and integrated solutions, to enhance our clients image, creating financial value and providing best in class support and service, while delivering better indoor environment to work, live & breathe.

Our Philosophy:

With a focus on Customer Centric solutions while using the latest technologies, we focus on Customer Delight and always intend to work on long term solutions.

At Au Pure you are rest assured that we take care of all the details to ensure seamless integration into projects and solutions and offer support across the life of the solution

Why our Customers Choose us ?



  • Technology Neutral approach

  • 360 Degree Cover

  • Lifecycle & Maintenance Support



  • Modular & Integrated Solutions

  • Retro-t & New build installations

  • 50 sqm to 50 million sqm solutions



  • International technology collaborations

  • Extensive technical know how

  • Sustainable IAQ approach

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