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Odor Management & Solutions

Odor is a sensory (olfactory) confirmation of foreign elements in the air, mostly harmful that can potentially cause infectious diseases, nausea, asthma, allergies, headaches and irritation. In addition to regular contaminants, it also contains multiple aldehydes and BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes).


Odor management, hence, is a critical and integral part of any infrastructure for overall air quality and healthy environment.


Based on the kind of odor to be managed, from general human odor, to food odor to even waste/sewage odor, our approach to odor abatement includes review of sources and solutions including provisions for proactive mitigation and effective treatment of residual odors.


Au Pure offers the clients the peace of mind to provide a cleaner environment and worry-free odor management.

Technologies & Solutions employed in Odor Management

air treatment.png

Air Treatment

Air Treatment

Ionization (Both Negative Ionization

& Bi-polar Ionization)

UVC / UVC + Oxidation

Oxidation / Ozone

Aroma Diffusion


Odor Management

Integrated Systems

Waste Odor Treatment System

Multi-stage Multi-technology

Odor Management System



Bespoke Units Based On

Specific Project Requirements


Integrated Ionization

Oxidation Systems

UVC + Ozone Systems

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