Contamination Control

The major source of infectious diseases or other issues like coughing, nausea, flu, headaches and common ailments are mostly transferred through airborne contaminants.

It is particularly relevant to contain and prevent contamination from spreading in places like:

Schools:  where young pupils are in close proximity to each other.

Healthcare Facilities: where patients with different ailments come to get treated.

Sensitive areas like Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Clean rooms, Research Centers, etc.

   Technologies & Solutions Employed in Contamination Removal

air treatment.png

Air Treatment

UV Treatment

Plasma Ionization


Interim Sterilization (Between Operations / Patient Changes)

Continuous Sterilization


Specific Media Filtration

HEPA / ULPA Filtration

Carbon / Composite / Bio filtration


HVAC Design

Using IAQ Procedures

Effective in Education sector, with significant design and operational cost savings