Schools, Colleges, Universities, Kindergartens, Day Care, Libraries, Coaching Centers, Training Centers

In education facilities, students and staff are exposed to dangerous and irritating pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, odors, dust, pollen and mold spores. 

Maintaining optimal Indoor Air Quality in schools, colleges, universities can improve academic performance, reduce absenteeism and enhance student and staff productivity. 

Au Pure offers a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality solution for educational facilities including ASHRAE’s IAQ Procedure helping engineers saving significant equipment and energy costs.

Our Solutions Approach:



Challenges addressed

  • Stringent Air Quality and Air Flow Compliance

  • Cross Contamination, Human Odor + Formaldehyde

  • Odor, contamination, Particulates, VOC, Microbes, Bacteria

  • Occupancy variation (Air Flow & Air Quality Consistency)

  • HVAC Energy Costs

  • Food & Waste Odor Management

  • Air Flow Control (HVAC)

Technologies Used

  • Bipolar Ionization         

  • UVC Systems

  • Media Filtration            

  • UVC + Ozone

  • Aroma Diffusion

  • Oxidation

  • Sustainable HVAC – IAQ Procedure

  • Smart IAQ Systems