Corporate / Facilities

Offices, Business Centers, Conference Rooms, Auditoriums, Large buildings

Au Pure offers an all-inclusive Air Quality Solution for corporates where employees are often exposed to hazardous and galling pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, odor, dust, volatile organic compounds, mold spores, and pollen.


Maintaining indoor air quality can boost a company’s productivity by reducing absenteeism and enhance the work performance of employees.

Our Solutions Approach:

Challenges addressed

  • Cross Contamination, Human Odor + Formaldehyde

  • Odor, contamination, Particulates, VOC, Microbes, Bacteria

  • Occupancy variation (Air Flow & Air Quality consistency)

  • HVAC Energy Costs

  • Food & Waste Odor Management

  • Air Flow Control (HVAC)

Technologies Used

  • Bipolar Ionization         

  • UVC Systems

  • Media Filtration            

  • UVC + Ozone

  • Aroma Diffusion

  • Oxidation

  • Kitchen Ecology / Extraction Units

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Smart IAQ Systems