Malls, Restaurants, Food courts, Movie Theatres, Public Arenas, Indoor Parks

In today’s competitive and disruptive landscape, Retail industry competes with the digital marketplace. To retain and improve footfall, an enhanced purchasing experience has to be offered. 

And, the invisible factor, Air Quality, plays a critical role in this experience. 

Au Pure’s solutions helps in creating a welcoming ambience and improve customer and staff comfort to enhance the overall experience. 

From odor management to contaminant removal, the solution also offers optimal energy costs by enhanced HVAC efficiency and improved extraction solutions.

Our Solutions Approach:



Challenges addressed

  • Smoke Clouds

  • Tobacco Odor

  • Smoke, Food, Waste & Ethanol Odor

  • Particulates, VOC, Microbes, Bacteria

  • Air Flow balancing

  • Cross Contamination, Human Odor + Formaldehyde

  • Air Quality consistency

  • Kitchen Extraction /

  • HVAC / Kitchen Extraction Energy Costs

Technologies Used

  • Bipolar Ionization     

  • UVC Systems

  • Media Filtration         

  • UVC + Ozone

  • Oxidation

  • Kitchen Ecology / Extraction units

  • Energy Management systems

  • Smart IAQ Systems