Food & Beverage

Food Courts, Restaurants, Resto-bars, Fine Dining, Night Clubs, Lounges / Café

From the basic necessity to the most exotic experiences, F&B industry has one of the most diversified offerings.

A critical element of F&B experience in addition to the Food & Beverage is the ambience and customer experience.

Great Air Quality, hence, is one of the subtle, yet critical element to augment the experience and ensure long term value by higher customer retention and better revenues.


The complex requirements for Air Quality, be it, Front of House, Back of House, Odor management or Smoke Filtration requires specific solutions.

Au Pure has significant experience and credentials in F&B industry, including smoke filtration to offer a comprehensive Air Quality solution for the discerning clients and their guests and staff.

Our Solutions Approach:



Challenges addressed

  • Smoke Clouds

  • Tobacco Odor

  • Smoke, Food, Waste & Ethanol Odor

  • Particulates, VOC, Microbes, Bacteria

  • Air Flow balancing

  • Cross Contamination, Human Odor + Formaldehyde

  • Air Quality consistency

  • Kitchen Extraction

  • HVAC / Kitchen Extraction Energy Costs

Technologies Used

  • Bipolar Ionization     

  • UVC Systems

  • Media Filtration         

  • UVC + Ozone

  • Oxidation

  • Kitchen Ecology / Extraction units

  • Energy Management systems

  • Smart IAQ Systems