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Covid Air Treatment

​Au Pure systems are a result of extensive industry research for solutions and thorough study of market needs in providing a solution that is capable of providing highest indoor air quality standards, which maintains a strong commercial value for its customers.

UVC Solutions


Indoor Air Quality Explained

A Quick introduction to how UVC helps reducing contamination and pathogen within Air Conditioning systems.


Ionization Solutions

Contamination Control


The major source of infectious diseases or other issues like coughing, nausea, flu, headaches and common ailments are mostly transferred through airborne contaminants. BioAerosols and Droplet Nuclei are not accepted by WHO are also included as transmission sources for COVID-19’s SARS-NCoV2 viruses

It is particularly relevant to contain and prevent contamination from spreading in places like:

Schools:  where young pupils are in close proximity to each other.

Healthcare Facilities: where patients with different ailments come to get treated.

Sensitive areas like Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Clean rooms, Research Centers, etc.

Offices: Movement of visitors, vendors & staff creates unpredictable exposures.


Concurrent Contamination Control (C3): In order to create a safe indoor environment, continuous elimination of BioAerosols and other contaminants in the Indoor Air is the best approach vis-à-vis waiting for retrospective sanitization of the occupied spaces.


At Au Pure, combining leading technologies of UVC, BiPolar Ionization and Oxidation along with traditional Air Filtration / Air Ventilation systems, we offer a 360 degrees cover for Safe Indoor Environments while Concurrently mitigating pollutants within air and decontaminating surfaces.


Indoor Air Quality

One of the major aspects of comfortable and safe Indoor Environment is the Indoor Air Quality. Being the “Invisible factor”, Indoor Air Quality is often ignored and has far reaching impact of health, performance and overall wellbeing.


Indoor Air Quality is a vast subject with focus on Pollutant removal, Contamination Control and overall comfort of occupants.


Combining technologies to offer integrated and complimenting solutions, Au Pure is your solutions partner for your Safe and healthy Indoor Living.


The solutions include Modular, In-Duct and Turnkey installations. The solutions can be fitted in both Retro-fit and New Build scenarios.

HVAC Air Treatment


HVAC is an integral part of Indoor Living and the best way to improve the Air Quality within Air Conditioned Indoors is through Air Treatment in addition to just Air Filtration.


It has many benefits including:

·       Enhanced Indoor Air

·       Improved Occupant performance / cognition skills

·       Longer customer retention in outlet, improving revenues

·       No additional pressure-drop in In-duct installations

·       Complements the existing filtration / ESP setups

·       Optimizes HVAC performance

·       Cuts maintenance expenses

·       Long term value / ROI benefits

·       Reduced customer complaints


The technologies installed include:

·       UVC Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

·       BiPolar Ionization

·       Oxidation

·       ESP systems

Safe Working & Living


Contamination Control, removal of Bio Aerosols and providing a Concurrently Cleaned Indoor environment provides the safest working, learning and living spaces for occupants, be it staff, students, patients, guests or customers.


The combination of multiple technologies be in In-HVAC Systems, Portable Air Purification systems and/or integrated solutions, the safety of occupants is of paramount importance.


Mitigation of Bio Aerosols like Bacteria, Viruses, including SARS-NCoV2, Influenza, flu, etc. provide a safer indoor environment for work, study, play and basic living.

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